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mean the same as, see you later, or a cross between, inabit" and laters" from the the context SnooP Dogg fizzle on ma nizzle inabizzle s'ok its all fo shizzle wizzle sizzle the D O duble Jizzle is HERE!
cya inabizzle bro. . .
by omar February 04, 2005

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inabit bit bizwog bizzle in a bit later
in a bit
talk 2 u soon, catchya later.
fred: gtg c yaz
dawg: in a bizzle mate
fred: bye!!!
by Steph!!! June 18, 2006
if ur a complete twat who copies sad hip-hop american language u may say this instead of goodbye, but hey who wants to be civilised?

ina bizzle
phil: hey loue the great the 3rd. u not coming to the farm tonight to rape those goats?
loue the great the 3rd: nah homes, im goin to home to get some munch, ina bizzle, fo shiznit
by adam armitage July 16, 2006