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A cross between 'its' and 'ok'. When you say it fast its s'ok (sokay). Its very simple and short.
"Oh I'm so sorry I'm late!"
by Aly G. December 21, 2005
It's ok.
sok dude
by Steve August 03, 2003
It's ok

said reassuringly
pronunciation: sock
Mary: I just fell down the stairs :-(
Wanda: Sok *3 pats on the shoulder*
by Izclo July 01, 2007
A slur of "it's ok".
Would you mind if I did that?
by Miss Ike July 31, 2004
(ES OK or sokay)The answer to anything when asking a handyman or spanish only speaking maintainence worker a question.
"Ralph, the toilet is broken and needs to be repaired, can you do it or should i call the plumber"
"S-ok, I feex, i feex"
by NJCharlie March 12, 2008
'sok means 'tis ok. It was first found at the MSR Live Forums when an administrator moved a thread and apologized. The member responded to him saying by saying 'sok
Skryingbreath: Where did my previous post go?

Oh yeah: I wish I cared.

Tuckerm: Had to delete it to get beanboy's up to the top otherwise i'd have to post a new thread. Thinking back on it i coulda just split the topic. Sorry skry :)

Skryingbreath: 'sok
by tuckerm August 05, 2006
The koolest name in the world
Sok is the best
by asbh November 08, 2003

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