Angry teen…mad at everything..liberal tree-hugger...likes Tang
by Anonymous February 13, 2003
Top Definition
A kickass NIRVANA cd
Thanks for In Utero kurt , RIP Man , I love you
by Manuela February 19, 2005
Nirvana's magnum opus, and also their final studio album released about a year before Cobain's death.
Kurt Cobain stated that In Utero was the perfect sound that he, Dave, and Krist were striving for.
by FirePaperMario September 13, 2009
to be inside the uterus; not yet born; not finished.
That lady has a little something in utero.
by i have a uterus too December 13, 2004
Crazy, insane, or 'off the wall.' Originally from Nirvana's album with the same name, In Utero is often referred to in mordern culture as a state of mind that denotes instability; a plane about to crash and or a drunk driver in a car swaying back and forth would also be considered In Utero.
Successful shot gun related suicides more often than not leave the victom's body so mangled,disfigured and "In Utero" there is no hope for survival.
by Tobytobytoby February 01, 2008
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