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To be "in lust" with someone is to crave someone sexually or physically without necessarily liking their personality or who they are. Basically a physical version of "in love".
Johnny: So dude, how did you ever like Christy? She was a total bitch!
Nelson: I didn't care about that. I was just in lust with her.
Alex: Hey Katie, I don't really like you, but I'm in lust with you.
Katie: Same here! Let's just hook up.
by Andrei Zaroff March 31, 2008
Having a strong sexual desire for another person. Also used when two people share a feeling of lust towards each other.
I am inlust with you. He is inlust with her. She is inlust with him. They are inlust.
by keliaweezer September 16, 2014
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