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1. Being in the act of not giving a fuck.

2. Awareness that you're the shit.

Similar to real-life plot armor.

A reference to how people feel while driving an SUV; you can drive as reckless as you want, because if you get into an accident, your car will always be fine compared to the other person's.
Person 1: Be careful merging here, this intersection sucks
Person 2: Don't care...IN A JEEP

Person 1: Nic Cage ruled in Bad Lieutenant
Person 2: Yeah, he was in a jeep that whole movie

Person 1: What did you do last night?
Person 2: Nothing, drank 40's and listened to Megadeth
Person 1: Oh shit, in a jeep.

Person 1: Jim James is so overrated.
Person 2: I'm pretty sure he's never even been in a jeep.
by infrared_warrior October 09, 2011
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