Look Immortal technique is a very good rapper and im a big fan of his. But he is way overatted. To all these clowns talkin bout he's the best ever along with Tupac are morons being is that Tupac was far from the best ever and was also overratted. Any body sayin he's the best out of harlem need to do one thing.....pick up a BIG L cd. I gurentee you your not gonna be sayin Immortal Technique or Pac or any one for that matter is the best ever after you hear it. But any way, I-T is a fun one to listin too, comes with no hold barred opinions on the government and touches many issues, also comes with some pretty nice battle raps. A must hear for any real hip hop fan, if your into chingy or g-unit or that commercial non sense then stay away cause it isnt for you.
"My belief in god is shitty, I'll put my hand on a bible and tell whoopie she's pretty"-freesyle from Immortal Technique
"I'll rip the concreate out from under your feet and beat you to sleep"-IT
by realswiftness September 11, 2005
A Peruvian born rapper who grew up in Harlem, who raps about seriously contreversial issues, and touches on alot of important topics that other's wont. Despite this, I.T. has juvenile and backwards views on women, and is a hatefull sexist.
immortal technique :
that's your girl, bitch get over here, give me some brain
I'll bust of on her face, and right after the segment
she'll propably rub it in her pussy, trying to get herself pregnant

Immortal technique is really cool dude!!!1111!!
by NYCtruth October 03, 2006
Rapper from New York, born in Peru. Good but overrated, NOT untouchable.
Immortal's best song - Dance With The Devil
by Illmatic05 January 29, 2005
A rapper from Harlem who speaks about real issues, usually politics and poverty. He seems to have a grudge with the Bush Administration, repetitive as hell when it comes to politics because he speaks about the same shit. Also known to get really lyrical and just mumble a bunch of nonsense. Peep the wack off off beat song "Creation and Destruction" and "The Prophecy". A clown in my eyes. An overrated rapper, especially on the internet ..you people need to get off his dick. Dead Prez is much better ...Immortal Technique also has a flow problem, dude just hasnt mastered the technique of riding a beat. Only suburban white kids idolize him and claim he's the best rapper from Harlem ..ha ..yea right ..ever heard of Big L people? Not taking away from his lyrical ability ..I'll admit, Technique is good ..but until he learns how to ride a beat then he will never be shit in my eyes.
Immortal Technique Lyrics:

I'm explicit like video tapes of conjugal visits
Some niggaz are too stupid to understand it like astrophysics
Technique is exquisite
I'll make your thoughts a victory
Get pessimistic with the quickness
If you think that I will just become another statistic with anything but success
When I bless the mic as I spit this
Specifically prolific with coprocessor coma type sickness

what the fuck is that shit????? ..no one cares ...
by jon ryda May 17, 2006
Criminally over-rated hatred-spewer. Yes, hate has an appreciative audience, especially if arguably baseless, conspiracy-driven lyrics are concerned which isn't a stretch considering he discusses a repetitive and limited array of topics without backing up what he proclaims to be the 'truth'. If you think Immortal Technique is 'deep' then you must have a dispairingly low IQ, despairing as it shows idiocy is far spread in this world and is corrupting the undergroud scene. This rapper has no flow at all, when he raps it sounds like a train wreck a million times over. There are quite literally hundreds of better rappers than him. IT is not intelligent, he caters for fools who lack knowledge and instantly believe what differs from the norm due to sheer ignorance and those who love ludicrous declarations. In short, they are imbeciles who need to read a few books and get an education, because let's be honest, only retards like Immortal Technique. That's no generalisation, that's a a fair assessment. His vulgar profanity isn't appealing, his rhyming skills are poor, his use of a high level lexis grouping reminds me of Cannibus, another pathetic rapper who utilises 'big' words to make himself sound clever to the masses when in actual fact, is a complete idiot. You herd of sheep are way too easy to fool. Immortal Technique is straight up wack. Go and masturbate over 'Dance With The Devil', you know you want to you bunch of dick-riding faggots.
Immortal Technique should give up rapping.
by Hieroglyphic_Mood May 15, 2010
Overated contradicting rapper who talks only of murder and violence. While he has decent talent, his lyrics are extreme, and teaches only messages of hatred. He preaches and wishes for everyone to follow his examples, while if they did the world would be in complete anarchy (which is a bad thing.)

W I S H E S H E W A S B I G - L
Johnny: Hey Immortal technique just said he raped a chick and now the devil is chasing him for the rest of his life.

Mark: Wow thats a shame, and definantly not true.
by J-Town--- November 30, 2006
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