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Look Immortal technique is a very good rapper and im a big fan of his. But he is way overatted. To all these clowns talkin bout he's the best ever along with Tupac are morons being is that Tupac was far from the best ever and was also overratted. Any body sayin he's the best out of harlem need to do one thing.....pick up a BIG L cd. I gurentee you your not gonna be sayin Immortal Technique or Pac or any one for that matter is the best ever after you hear it. But any way, I-T is a fun one to listin too, comes with no hold barred opinions on the government and touches many issues, also comes with some pretty nice battle raps. A must hear for any real hip hop fan, if your into chingy or g-unit or that commercial non sense then stay away cause it isnt for you.
"My belief in god is shitty, I'll put my hand on a bible and tell whoopie she's pretty"-freesyle from Immortal Technique
"I'll rip the concreate out from under your feet and beat you to sleep"-IT
by realswiftness September 11, 2005
102 275
immortal technique live from N-Y-C,best rapper to hit the earth, hear one song and youll see, the deep issues touched on with contriversy,his opinion stressed not correct politically, but immortal dont give a fuck what you think about him, hell divert you like the US to bin laden.
you better watch what the fuck flies outta your mouth or ima highjack a plane and fly it into your house.
by will March 16, 2004
2393 301
Underground, New York City based rapper who was born in Peru and usually raps about political subjects.
By far the most educated rapper out there, if you listen to his lyrics, you will definitely have to look up at least some of the people or ideas he used in his music.
Doesn't care who he offends, but most of his views would be described as liberal.
Turned down a development deal from Sony to remain independent.
"Give me a hundred grand, give me your watch, give me your chain.
That's your girl? Bitch, get over here and give me some brain.
I'll bust off on her face and right after the segment,
She'll probably rub it in her pussy, trying to get herself pregnant.
I said it, I meant it, that's the way I deal with enemies,
Like pro-lifers that support the death penalty,
And don't talk about war when niggers know that you pussy,
A fucking hypocrite, draft-dodger like George Bush."
-Immortal Technique in Obnoxious
by Zak November 10, 2004
1510 194
Sick ass underground MC from Harlem NYC. Touches on alot of political shit and simply has incredible mic skillz. The name says it all.
Good Songs:
'One (Remix)'
'No Mercy'
'Industrial Revolution'
'Harlem Streets'
damn all his songs are good
by Adept March 30, 2005
974 130
dope underground rapper, occasionally touches on political subjects that most rappers would be too scared to.
"immortal technique is heavy"
by Paul J December 20, 2003
736 110
a very intelligent, concerned, and nonetheless dope MC..roams the underground with a take no prisoners, no-bullshit, in your face, style
"using numerology to count the people I sent to heaven produces more digits than twenty-two divided by seven.." WHAA!?!?
by Greg August 31, 2004
763 142
Incredibly talented MC who made The Source's unsigned hype column. His songs are deep and he often talks about the government.
His best lyric: "If you go platinum it's got nothin to do with luck//It just means that a million people are stupid as fuck"
by Rootbeer February 21, 2005
684 87
Dopest mothafucker that ever lived, underground rapper that spits his opinion and is unafraid of ingnorant bigots.
Immortal Technique disintegrates mics when i spit, I cause more casualties than sunken slave ships.
by Joe Zeisel June 21, 2004
590 97