Another name for a poor system of goverment,A major flaw in which large amounts of illegitimate immigrants and assylum seekers poor into our larger cities because thay are already excepted in them,making the average English person in that city get struck of doctors lists - back handers from eastern lawyers i wonder? look at the bullshit money spent on them paid for by who?
i whish i was exagerating.
BUPA bills will be coming in?
Get out of london and keep them in
Those who come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.

They usually drive their ships to new lands to fight some hordes with treshing oar and shit.

Their only goal is the western shore.
Billy: They actually wrote a song about immigrants?
Molly: The 70's sucked!
by Charles Saucedoom January 17, 2008
people who come to a new country with the intentions of making it their new home
rihanna, eva longoria, colin farrell, carlos santana, akon.

really people if your gonna say stuff about how awful immigrants are you should see who it is your talking about . they are people just like you and me it shouldnt matter where they come from a lot of awesome people are immigrants.
by smilesilly November 29, 2009
(supposed to mean those coming into a country) but is now known to be the millions of Iraqi, Czech, Portugese etc men that come into England supposedly for work, rely solely on benefits, but somehow manage to buy every brand/designer name on the planet. They hang around in shopping centres and city centres eyeing up young girls, whistling and often attempting to pervertedly communicate with said young girls. They all have the same haircut too.
girl (to friend):"what tha F**K is that immigrant lookin at?" (to immigrant) YEAH WOT!!! U GOTTA PROBLEM?!?!?!?!"
by tha best January 15, 2005
Scum of the Earth maggots who are going to turn America into a filthy slum filled piece of land, like they did their own country.
If immigrants try to cross the border, they should be shot on site
by Immigrant Hater July 29, 2003
a stupid fuck who needs to stay in their own god damn country and keep ourcountry the way it should be!!!
I hate all you fucking immigrants!!!
by Jared June 12, 2003
One who lacks the qualities necessary to prosper in his homeland.
Though his children may become successful in life, an immigrant seldom does.
by Dasnasdi June 16, 2004

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