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A really awesome boyband who's members are Dana Vaughns, Cole Pendery, Dalton Rappatoni, Will Jay Behlendorf, and Gabriel Morales. Fans of im5 are called 5ers or the 5amily, because according to Dalton a 5 is like a fat F. im5 has bromances within the band, the most popular being Dalton+Cole= Colton and Dana+Will= Dill (Pickles).
Directioners: OMG I hate Haylor. Taylor needs to leave Harry alone.
Beliebers: OMG I hate Selena for breaking Justin's heart.
5ers: im5 is awesome! Oh, some of them have girlfriends? Good for them! That's great :D

5amily loves our boys
by shipdillpickles January 05, 2013
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