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to be ill...ish or somewhat ill (cool/good/etc...)
clothing company with hot urban but extrememly versatile wear that fits any needs. ARE YOU ILLISH???
That shirt is illish, ARE YOU ILLISH???
by drvoid October 11, 2004
9 4

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Illish implies "ill shit", which can be used to describe cool stuff.
Damn, you hear GZA's new album

Yeh, their rhymes be illish, yo.
by Adam Jacobs November 07, 2006
7 3
To be ill, but not so ill as to you cant have fun!
"Im illish so cant go to work"
"Ok wanna come skateboarding instead?"
"Yeh sure sounds cool!"
by FiRe-uk July 27, 2005
6 2
Slang word for money.
I stole a case full of ill ish.
by Lane gadinas February 03, 2003
0 0