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layin back with ur best guys smokin and drankin
Sorry i cant talk right now, im illin wit Big Spence,Big Sean and logan the three most crazy loked out sons of bitches ever!
by sean mcguire October 25, 2005
21 61
going crazy/buggin
You know the moon isnt green are you illin!?!?
by Soledad July 23, 2003
450 235
A word used to describe something that is both "sick" (amazing) and "chilling" (relaxed). Synonomous with "epic" and "legendary" although with a somewhat more relaxed connotaion.
Yo brosif, that headshot was straight illin like a villain yo!
by CandyMan77 March 25, 2009
272 135
1) Trippin', acting erratically or inappropriately.
2) Having fun, or messing around.
1) My parole office is usually cool, but he started illin' when I told him I was back to shooting heroin and pimpin' hos.

2) Me and my boys was just sitting around illin'...
by buddhablaze January 28, 2003
125 24
Doing whatever; going O.D.
Yo every day we be illin.
by Flame777 October 07, 2010
36 49
Something pirates and theives and beastie boys do well and often.
"Most illinest b-boy - I got that feeling
I am most ill and I'm rhymin' and stealin'

by jim December 21, 2005
98 122
Remarkable, outstanding, astonishment
Dude.. them jeans be illin'
by The Chow Man October 21, 2004
27 54
The act of hatin on somebody.

Shaniqua was illin' me for dressin better than her.
by Aramel November 17, 2008
4 32