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short for "chillen" or "chilling"
Moteezie: Yo man what are you doin?

BW:illen at the crib trying to figure out whats poppin tonight.
#hangin' #chillen #kickin it #chill #lurking
by BW892 June 16, 2008
Verb -Derived from the Beastie Boys "get ill". Illen is the ultimate expression of funk and awesomenessness.
Casual conversation:
"man, that Woothead is illen it up!"

From the Beasties comes Illen:

You been fully captivated by that funky ass bass
Your girlfriend screams when M.C.A.'s in the place
He stumbles in the room with the Chivas in his hand
Cold chillin' on the spot at the microphone stand
I'd have the pedal to the metal if I had a car
But I'm chiller with the Miller cold coolin' at the bar
I can drink a quart of Monkey and still stand still
What's the time? it's time to get ill
#ill #illen it #illen woothead #beastie boys #funk #awesomenessness
by Illen Woothead May 29, 2011
Tight,Hard,The Shiznit,The boss. Pretty much means your the best.
i'm straight illen
making a killin
glad to be hustlin
on these streets
mustlin to the peaks
greatness is what i seek
Don't ya see
it's great bein me
Straight illen ip
Thats the way i be
yea like i said
it's great being me
#tight #hard #the shiznit #the boss #the king
by IP Fo'real October 20, 2006
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