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A mexican who jumps, swims, or gets a ride over the border to aviod paying taxes and getting a greencard.
Guy1- Hey whose that new guy?

Guy2- Oh, that Rodriguez, he jumped the fence last week he's a dirty illegal mexican. He raises taxes for the rest of us.
by Kilo 91st. August 13, 2006
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A. The mechanic who stole my Ipod from my car when I had it serviced at the Mercedes dealership.

B. The families that cant stop having kids and cause our taxes to rise.

C. The only ethnic group with a higher drop out rate than African Americans.

D. The driver of that 89 black Honda with a red body kit, chrome-painted rims and no license.

E. The ones that force companies like Sprint to ask us to "Press ONE for English".

F. The ones that marched down the streets of LA acting like f**ing savages asking for their rights here, but didn't even consider what MEXICO did to the Cubans years ago when they tried to get over.

G. The ones that flood our jails so the govt. is forced to hire more cops.

H. The ones that expect ME to learn SPANISH in my own ENGLISH-SPEAKING country.

I. The ones Carlos Mencia warned you about.
Drive ANYWHERE in Southern Ca... you'll see plenty of "Illegal Mexican" examples.
by Danielle Marie August 16, 2006
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See beaner. A illegal immigrant from Mexico who likes to turn America into shit and make us legal citizens pay taxes so ILLEGAL immigrants can stay here. They say "we help America grow blah blah blah" when they screw things up by shooting people and overpopulating our cities with their 56 anchor babies living in some basement of some Hilary Clinton Minion who think "they have rights" when they don't.
Yeah, that kid down the street has 40 brothers and sisters, and I hear that they are illegal mexicans.
by iggy kerplah September 04, 2007
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A racial slur used by ignorant hypocritical right wing retards. If you think about it, we are all illegals, the ancestors came into North America the same way that mexicans are entering into our country and becoming citizens now. So if you have a problem with this, then you are a racist hypocrite!
If you ever tell an "illegal mexican" to "go back to mexico", then you better be packing your bags and getting your ass back to Europe while you are at it. Or else, you would be a hypocrite.
by Froman2 July 22, 2008
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