An illegal immigrant is a non-citizen of the U.S. who illegally enters the U.S. from Mexico, El Salvador or other South American or Central American country, although there are illegal immigrants from many other countries. The illegal immigrant is much maligned by most American citizens, as he or she is a burden on society, by overwhelming our economy, welfare system, healthcare system and law enforcement system. In essence, the illegal immigrant is disrespected for many other reasons, such as bringing diseases into our country, drugs, over population, and crime to name a few.
I live in an apartment complex where 90% of the tenants are illegal immigrants. They throw trash in the hallways, parking lots, and have ten or more people living in a one bedroom apartment. On the weekends, they play loud Latin music, drink boat loads of beer, and allow their children to run aimlessly. The Police are a regular fixture where I live, as are the Sheriffs.
by Cerebral1963 June 21, 2010
1. an illegal alien.

2. a criminal.

3. an individual criminally pretending to be a citizen of a nation for economic gain and/or political subterfuge in said nation, and lacks loyalty to said nation.

4. a selfish and/or cowardly person unwilling to positively change the socio-economic and political problems in his/her own country in order to benefit everyone, including him/herself, and thus runs away to another country to hide.

5. a loser.

By violating a country's immigration laws illegal immigrants (illegal aliens) prove themselves to be criminals by disrespecting the laws of the country they are trespassing into. And also by such action(s) illegal immigrants (illegal aliens) also prove that they do not believe in the rule of law.

Illegal immigrants (illegal aliens) often try to proclaim they have civil rights equal to the citizens, of the nation they have trespassed. They do not have civil rights outside of their respective countries of origin except by international treaties.

Illegal aliens (illegal immigrants) proclaim they pay income taxes to the government. They cannot do so as they do not have legitimate tax payer ids with which to do so. The tax payer ids illegal aliens (illegal immigrants) use are stolen - e.g. identity theft.
by It's not mean if it's true January 07, 2008
Mexican's who freeload off of Americans and cost us so much money.
They get free healthcare, education, and don't pay taxes.
They also threaten our culture since they don't assimiliate into ours.
They threaten America's security.
If they can get through the borders, terrorists can too.
That damn spik at Taco Bell couldn't speak English. He must be one of the 12 million other fucking illegal immigrants!
by TaylorBlondeASU October 14, 2007
A low life scum sucking person who violates our border by sneaking across or overstaying an expired visa. They are tax burdens upon those of us who work and are willing to obey the laws of this country. They have no respect for our nations laws and customs and therefore are deserving of nothing in return from this country other than a swift kick in the ass as we send them packing to wherever the hell it is they came from. They are a Trojan Horse that will bring this country to it's ruin by degrading our lifestyle, our culture and taxing us to death due to their illiteracy and impoverished status. They also bring with them diseases that we had eradicated like TB, leprosy, Chagas disease, and Hepatitis. They don't have the decency to wash their hands after using the restroom and you want to grant these assholes amnesty so they can prepare your Big Macs or salads in some restaurant that won't hire honest hard working Americans?

They are a plague, a cancer, and a scourge upon the face of this country. The only way to cure cancer is to kill the disease before it spreads. So let's start getting rid of this cancer before America dies.
Look at the street of Los Angeles everytime there is a rally by illegal immigrants. They are the enemy and this is how they feel about us.

"Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future. You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people. It is your duty to die ... Through love of having children, we are going to take over."
by nunyabiznessasshole April 09, 2007
anyone who is mexican and anyone who is mowing your lawn.
anyone who runs across the U.S. border with Mexico
"Mommy, look at that guy mowing the lawn."
"Look away, George. He's Mexican and he's an illegal immigrant, and he'll steal your ice cream if you keep looking at him."
by Fuck It And April 02, 2006
A person from another country sneaking over our borders so their lazy asses dont pay money to come here, and think they're hot shit saying us white people are jeaslous that we dont speak spanish, when there are plenty of spanish speaking caucasians that have to translate for their dumb asses.
Juan Carlos who mows my lawn is an illegal immigrant.
by 'n stuffs. August 15, 2007
Small aliens who can't speak a word of English and keep taking things that don't belong to them.

See also: Jawas
Those studpid Illegal Immigrants just stole my Droid!
by zombiemaster666 January 24, 2010
Some miserable, sorry piece-of-crap who thinks they can sneak into this country unlawfully, undetected and undocumented to take whatever handouts they want from the American system and from whoever they want without regard for the law and anyone else but themselves. They have no respect for our country, our laws, our people and our culture. They flash their fist to the citizens and our pathetic lawmakers by protesting in streets of major U.S. cities to demand that they receive the same benefits as natural citizens and even immigrants who came here lawfully. They frequently crawl through, crawl around, dig under or tear down any border wall/fence to get into our country because our sissy, do-nothing, incompetent, corrupt government has allowed them to be here as “day laborers” for minimum-wage paying jobs that politically-correct persons say regular Americans don’t want so it will behoove the economy. Since when does the breaking of Federal law by 12 million persons behoove any economy??? They take jobs from regular Americans. They occupy our emergency rooms and are usually the first to be treated over a regular citizen. They are even accepted into our schools and universities over a natural citizen in the name of “diversity.” They can also get a drivers license in some states. They have the worst driving habits and cause unnecessary accidents on our freeways and streets. They work in our restaurants and probably don’t wash their hands, spreading disease and food-born illness to us when they shouldn’t have been here in the first place. The bring in their 3rd world trash, their filth, their crime and their gangs. They also suck up the welfare and social security from natural citizens who need it. They suck all the oxygen out of the air from all of us. They come here illegally and then have the audacity to demand they receive the same benefits of natural-born citizens. They use such tactics as intimidation and protesting on streets of major cities to get what they want from our government and the taxpayers. Often, several dozen of them live in close quarters in homes or apartments in any city or town hoping to not be discovered. When sent back, they try to force their way here again to repeat the same tiring, revolving door process. Illegal immigrants and our pathetic government ignoring them is a cancer to this society and will bring our once great nation to its knees unless voters are willing to speak out against our government and hold them accountable for this mess. What’s worse is when pathetic, spineless politicians want to give these crapholes amnesty so they can jump the line and become citizens over those who have been here waiting to go through the legal process of citizenship.

An illegal immigrant is an unlawful person, a criminal who shouldn't be here and should be deported back to their 3rd world country until they can get in line like every other law abiding person wanting to settle here--and NOT because of government handouts. Shame on the government and corporate America for allowing them to be here.
by krock1dk March 28, 2008

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