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What is this I see? Could it be... a nu-metal band that is actually good? I think it is!
ill NiNo is one of the few nu-metal bands worth your time, do yourself a favor and give them a chance.
by Chernorizets Hrabr November 02, 2004
Along with Disturbed, probably the best Nu-metal band in existance. They hail from Brazil.
Best song, "How Can I Live"- Freddy vs. Jason soundtrack, Confessions
Ill Nino just arrived on the scene, but already are they putting out great music that totally destroys other nu-metal bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit.
by Jason Voorhees October 25, 2003
Nu-Metal tribal band that sounds like Soulfly. Great band, Great Live. Newest CD is One Nation Underground which kicks some ass. Great Songs on One Nation are: This is War, Corazon of Mine and De La Vida. Used to be called El Nino...
Ill Nino rox my sox!
by Kevin aka theSaint December 16, 2005
The greatest nu-metal band out that deserves all the props. They are heavy yet medlodic w/ a hint of latin flavour!
by .x.D.i.E.x. November 09, 2003
The greatest band eva, their guitarists and main singer is awsome and kick ass
Ill nino is the kick ass band of all
by illninofan June 20, 2004
major spanish rock band with two amazing albums with mild portians of spanish lyrics
ill nino rock the party that rocks the body
by BlackDragonV1 November 16, 2003
the best nu- metalers from el nino, Brazil! they fuckin rock!!!
how can i live without you? - confession (their new album!!!) ILL NINO
by 50 October 17, 2003
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