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Acronym for: "I KNOW WHERE THAT'S FROM!!!1One"

Acknowledges that the obscure and (often) lame pop-culture reference a buddy of yours makes mid-conversation has not been lost on you without having to change the topic of conversation.
Buddy1: i just want to touch a penis
Buddy1: just a little bit
Buddy2: you have one dont you?
Buddy1: and then.. one day you you taking one in the ass jerking off two guys and giving another head when u realize.. WOW i am REALLY GAY
Buddy2: yea
Buddy1: louis ck
Buddy1: douche
Buddy2: yea i know
Buddy1: i dont think you did
Buddy2: didnt i send tht to you?
Buddy1: you onnllyyy say that you know because you didnt know and you wanted me to think that you knew when you really ddidnt
Buddy2: i didnt realize i was supposed to go beyond the context and stop and say "I KNOW WHAT THATS FROM!"
Buddy1: that's what she said
Buddy2: hahah
Buddy1: then she died in a freak gasoline fight accident
Buddy1: much better
by DawnBlade June 11, 2008
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