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ijr is an acronym for "i just realized"
Yo, ijr that the Tostitos® logo is two people eating chips!

Oh snapsicles, ijr that there's an arrow between the 'e' and the 'x' in the Fedex logo.
by jingles. January 23, 2011
(eye-jay-are) Acronym meaning "Israeli Jew Rape". IJR is a very violent card game formed from the ever-popular ERS (Egyptian Rat Screw) in which sequences of numbers are utilized. It involves multiple people huddled around a central location beating each other mercilessly, taking cards out of another person's hand, and oftentimes includes random exclamations. (Note: IJR can be pronounced "ih-jer" if you are too lazy to say three letters.)
Beasley: Hey, what are you guys playing back there?
Dice: IJR. Want to join?
Beasley: Do I get to hit people?
Carlito: Sure, if you want to.
by Carlito the Drug Lord December 20, 2006