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I Just Crapped A Pineapple

president reagen just won a vote he didnt think he was going to get and was stressed before and now releaved so said to his assistant "i feel like i just crapped a pineapple" his assistant preceeded to tell the press "all the president said was thank god" it has been joked about on shows like wait wait dont tell me on npr.
EXAMPLE #1(literal)
ellis: oh man you guys ijcap
julia:are you kidding me?
sofia:she isnt kidding....i had to get out the plunger
ellis:he...he...he *scary face*

EXAMPLE #2(figurative)
ellis: oh god...IJCAP
julia:why ellis...why??
sofia: omg julia did you not just see? dhananjai just looked at her!!
ellis: oh god dhananjai is one hott damn
julia:oh man tell me about it...ellis you lucky son of a bitch
sofia: are you kidding me? gus is the only one i ever need...IJCAP
by bucky-o-pal April 06, 2007
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