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Ignorant, in the Irish sense/usage: disgusting, horrible, mean, ugly, unwanted, repulsive.
That movie was igno.
I just finished the most igno exam ever.
Don't put your tongue there; it's igno.
by jonnny7 April 05, 2007
Ignoramous, idiot, dolt. A person incapable of anticipating the disastrous results of their previous step.
You are SUCH an igno.
by sibbage July 18, 2009
Ignorent (ignet) & Ghetto
A word made up by a clique in Chicago by the name of Igno whose colors are mainly blue & black. Also their head members nicknames are Tweety, Holla, & Sweet.
1. God your dumb ass is so damn igno.
2. (Can Be Chanted By Clique) IGNO!!!
by Sweet AKA Shonte` February 14, 2005
When Saying "I Know." Just isn't enough.
Marissa: "There's Only 30 Days of school left!"

Holly: "I GNO I GNO"
by HollyxBoxBolly May 09, 2010
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