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Considered either derogatory or affectionate. A portmanteau of Igloo and Nigger as used to describe young hip-hop influenced members of the Inuit community.
Damn son, last night my boy Ignunshaluk was all thizzed and totaled his ski-doo trying to impress these chicken heads by jumping onto an ice-floe. He is one crazy ignig.
by jesuschris November 14, 2009
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abbrev. ignorant nigger
A person of color, or nigger, who shows signs of ignorance in one or more related areas.
"James is such an ignig."
"How true, he doesn't even know what integrity means, or how to use the entire English language for that matter."
by DJBigB December 03, 2006
an ignorant nigger
"John is such an ig nig."
by 3 headed monta March 05, 2009
To do something that is incredibly stupid.
Short for "ignorant nigger."
What did Trayvon get arrested for?

"Robbing a bank. His get-away car ran out of gas 4 blocks from the bank.

"LOL. What an ig-nig!
by mike49677 December 15, 2013
Ignant Nigga (Shit). Antics of which would be associated with things that someone stupid or one with "bitchass"qualities would say. Can be used as an adjective or as a noun. You can even make it hyphenated. .. but that'd just be some ig-nig -ass - shiit.

IGnant NIGgah
//-a- Man, thats some ignig shit!

//-a- Tf you callin me an ignig for? Whats that even mean?

-b- Shudduhh fux up, ya ignig!

//-a- Is Tony still gonna meet us for the movie?

-b- Nah, he said he didnt want to come.

-a- why not!? We got the free fuckin tickets to the movie anyway.

-b- He's too cheap to pay the $1.50 to take the metro

-a- That broke ass ignig always flakes

-b- What the fuck is ignig fuckin mean?

-a- It means you.

-b- mufukkin ignant nigga

-a- Now you got it!!!!!!
by not joseph bear September 09, 2014

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