Ignet is a variation of Ignorant but, refers to a person who is actually too stupid to be considered fully Ignorant. Which of course is worse than simply being ignorant!

*Note* Can also be used as a noun to simply refer to one who offically meets all ignet qualifications.
1. I made this word up, anyone else using it stole it from me which makes you ignet!

2. You are an ignet son of a cum gobbling one tittied cow!

3. I'd say you're ignorant but I'm afraid that would be a compliment to an ignet like you!

4. You're not even smart enough to be ignorant, you're just fucking ignet!
by Mistress Malice May 14, 2004
Top Definition
Another way of saying that a person is ignorant.
"man that fool is ignet when it comes to women"
by george December 11, 2003
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