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to shit in a condom & freeze it, thus creating a fecal-dildo
by Anonymous February 28, 2003
when one man has a big shit, then another man wraps it in clingfilm and puts it in the freezer, once hard the second man then proceeds to put it back up the first mans arse
lee has a saw arse cause last night he and ben were iglooing
by PabloE February 24, 2009
The correct defintion, being an iglooing practitioner, is to freeze a stool and then insert in your partners rectum, thus causing waves of chilling tension in the coming process
by daniel_sayer October 15, 2003
inserting ice cubes in ones anus with your mouth
Lance loves a good iglooing
by crabkakes June 08, 2007
to shit in an ice cream tub, freeze it, then carve out small chod blocks to form into a real shit igloo.
"Please Miss Crustationflapps - the class gerbil's igloo is beginning to melt - and it smells real bad!"
by Anonymous February 28, 2003
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