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a white pasty female rapper from Australia who puts on a fake urban accent when she raps. She thinks she's all gangster when in reality she's a middle class Gussie who sucked dick all the way to the top. Usually Iggy Azalea fans get defensive when logical people criticize her on YouTube. They also claim she's the best female rapper to ever spit, which is ridiculous since there are much other talented female rappers like MC Lyte , Foxy Brown, etc. some even recognize her as a female Eminem. In reality she has no talent whatsoever.

Iggy Azalea is just an actor. An entertainer. Most of her videos / songs rely on sexual appeal, as she's seen twerking and showing her nipples in some of her music videos. Rapping is just her conduit.

Most of her fans are also 12 year olds who have never heard of great artists like Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Rakim, Big L, etc.

Iggy azalea also cannot drop bars. Her flow is wack and whoever thinks she's good has a bad taste in music.
Never comment on an Iggy Azalea video on YouTube with intentions on hating on it, you'll be bashed with remarks like "hater, racist" and will btold to " get off the video if you don't like it" because they simply can't present a reasonable argument in defense for Iggy Azalea.
by iggy azalea July 04, 2014
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Every black guys dream white girl..
Black guy: "hey girl you got dat iggy azalea thing goin' on"
White girl: "excuse me? What did you just say?
Black guy: "in the words of the philosopher Timbaland 'those hips those thighs they got me hypnotized'...

White girl: "you saying I got a nice ass?"
Black guy: "exactly baby girl you got dat big ol' whooty"
White girl: "oh for real.. why don't you cone to my place and see what this big white ass can do?"
Black guy: "dang girl.. you a freak.. leggo.."
by kaprel1 September 22, 2013
No one can ever understand what she is saying,
sounds like a toad that is high on Mary Jane.
I just heard this new singer on 101.9 she's called Iggy Azalea.
Oh, she sounds like a dying camel
by 1inABillion April 04, 2015
"White Chicks" star, come to life.
Jamal: Yo! You know Iggy Azalea was in "White Chicks"?
Tyree: Awww yeah! Woman on the outside, man in the inside, Ja feel?
by TheRealSugaShane March 08, 2015
A white Australian female rapper who acts like a black female rapper from the ghetto. In reality, she comes from a middle class family. The good thing about her is that she has a nice ass.
Iggy Azalea should stop acting like a tough gal from the hood and should start talking about her sexy body more often
by AdomC April 05, 2015
A stupid Australian rapper who raps like a seagull choking on a stick.

A person that put Alicia Silverstone from Clueless to shame by dressing as her in one of her videos. clueless is ruined forever
"Drop it down then pick it up just like this, HAH" - iggy azalea rapping

Seagull 1- " Rodger do you hear that, sounds like Mikeys choking on a stick again"

by Bitchypeanutbutter August 30, 2015

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