Related to ILU. Can stand for I FIND YOU or I FUCK YOU
When in love it is ILU.
When at war it is IFU.
by holden boy October 08, 2007
Top Definition
Acronym for I Fucked U - where instead of attending an actual university, like NYU or MIT, one attends a woman and has a child with her.
Graduate: Hey dude, are you a college graduate?
Undergraduate: No man, I attended IFU when I was 21.
by piston March 06, 2007
I Feel You
"I'm gonna wear all black tomorrow and be a ninja, you feel me?"
by swaqyolo February 25, 2013
i forgive u

when u dont want to say it cuz u rele dont but u have to or else they'll hate u.
person one : "yeh i called you a fucking bitch. but thats cuz i was just dumped."
person two: "ifu"
by vetfashongirl July 08, 2009
It is an acronym for I Fucked Up.
John: "Man IFU."
Friend: "How did you fuck up now?"
John: "I slept with Jasmine's younger sister Jessica."
Friend: "I am going to start planning your funeral."
by anthony2113 July 17, 2016
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