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i don't think so. for all u lazy ppl out there that abbreviate.
person 1: did we have any english hw?
person 2: idts
by joey November 16, 2004
I Dont Think So
boy: do u want to go out with me
girl: idts
by dl;jkfodifhiowedhfwnegojhwreig December 20, 2008
short for "I don't think"
"IDT this is necessary"
by brenda February 12, 2005
I don't think so
Ella: Is the geography homework in for tomorrow?

Chloe: idts
by smily:) September 30, 2009
"I don't think".

Derived from idk.
Person 1: Are you going to the carnival?
Person 2: idt so.
by RezertDark July 10, 2008
an acronym for " I don't think so. " used while texting someone.
Adam: miley is a great role-model.
Silvia: idts
by tamimat November 15, 2015
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