The process of taking something complex and simplifying it for an idiot to understand. Idiotizing, idiotized, idiotization.
I had to idiotize for a stubborn friend of mine why his favorite team might not win.
by milanman21 January 20, 2011
Top Definition
To make something less complex and understandable to everyone, even idiots. Primarily applied when speaking to other people who don't understand advanced English and therefore, the need to simplify words occurs.
#1) I had written such a wonderful essay for my friend, but he said it wasn't easy to read so I had to idiotize it.

#2) Talking to people who don't understand one word of what I'm saying is so exhausting. I literally have to idiotize myself every time we speak!!

#3) I have idiotized myself so much that I feel my IQ dropped by 50 points minimum.
by streetgirl27 July 01, 2015
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