A generally misguided or stupid person.
Barack Obama is simply a complete idiot.
by fuck_socialism May 05, 2010
An iDiot is a person who slavishly devotes their life to Apple and associated products. They are generally trendy, snobbishly so, and disdain anything that isn't "cool" enough.
A: "I remember this guy ranting about how more than two was too many mouse buttons, because people don't know what they do."
B: "Sounds like an iDiot."
by Rimonian February 03, 2006
the name for people that use this site. a describing word for those that dont just stick to the normal dictionary and make up words.
you lot are a bunch of idiots
by professor has a phd January 02, 2006
pronounced ID Ten T a Computer Techie term for a complete computer idiot which if you write it down becomes idiot
The issue with computer was a ID 10 T problem which when written become idiot
by Esanda 1234 November 08, 2005
A term belonging to a classification system no longer in use for the reason that it is now considered offensive in modern society, alluding to the stage from one to three in which the child is typically unable to learn connected speech, guard against common dangers, and experiences gratification from probing of the anal region.
Boy: Ghaa.
Mother: My little idiot.
by DeathByFloyd October 13, 2005
1. person who hates jews, blacks, asians, native americans, middle eastern people, or hispanic people.
2. The collective U.S. government.
3. Hollywood collectively.
Paul Reubens is an idiot. He should have pulled his pants up when someone saw him.
by A better America September 15, 2005
Ancient Greek term. Mean human, who don't take a interest in problems and works of the society. Don't join in the politics, wars, voting and all social activities. Hi is interested only in own life, family and friends. Later on, the psychologists used this ancient term to define mental disease.
He is complete idiot.
by BayPetko August 25, 2005

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