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Justin Bieber
Idiot, n.: Justin Bieber
by Lucio Soph July 22, 2010
Someone who goes on Urban Dictionary and looks up other people's definitions of the word "idiot".
Example: You. Yay. Case closed. You found your definition of the word "idiot". By me, anyway. So stop reading it. Now. Bye bye. Next?
by you're an idiot. yay. July 06, 2006
An iDiot is a person who slavishly devotes their life to Apple and associated products. They are generally trendy, snobbishly so, and disdain anything that isn't "cool" enough.
A: "I remember this guy ranting about how more than two was too many mouse buttons, because people don't know what they do."
B: "Sounds like an iDiot."
by Rimonian February 03, 2006
A halfwitted mental defective dimwitted ignoramus. See male.
People who have crushes on their sisters are idiots.
by Anonymous March 06, 2005
1-You, for actually looking this up in your spare time.
click here to get a life
2-Someone acting stupid, doing dumb assed shit, making no sense, clicking the link i made, or just a plain moron...
Man, what the hell, this guy's an idiot! what's he thinking...
by Benji the lankster September 09, 2005
any kid who likes blondes; blondes
nate is going out with that idiot. Allison is such an idiot
by i dunno March 02, 2005
Male species
"Men should be locked up underground and used to reproduction purposes only."
by Mercurial June 02, 2004