This word is a combination of idiot and dummy. The word basiclly means everything that has to do with stupidity and idiotic things. This word has been brought to you by Kayla Nichols and Kasey Thomas.
your such a idgit!

why must you act like an idgit?

you fucking idgit, i will shoot you for that!!! bang bang bang
by kayla and kasey December 19, 2003
an idiot midget

(nothing is worse than a short retard)
ugh, if youre not careful you'll be an idgit. DO YOU WANT TO SHRINK!?
by Maraina December 24, 2007
The incorrect way of spelling ijit, as popularized on this website by kayla and kasey.
Kayla and Kasey: you're an idgit!
Me:Don't you mean ijit.
Kayla and Kasey: Aaaaargh!
by Me March 16, 2005
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