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A weak retort used when one can't back up their claims.
You want my ghost friend to do what?! You sir, are an ideological bigot.
by J erkoff February 04, 2008
A mentalist or Mind reader that is constantly 'in character' and lives the persona 24/7. One who makes claims that can be neither proven nor dis proven.
"Callahan (paranormalist), I find you an Ideological Bigot"
by J ust Guess February 05, 2008
Someone who attempts to "expose" an entertainer on live TV, and fails. Like Criss Angel on NBC Phenomenon when he insulted Paranormalist Jim Callahan, Jim replied "I find you an Ideological Bigot."
"Criss Angel is such an Ideological Bigot."
"I find you an Ideological Bigot."
by J ackalope January 22, 2008
A person that has a forceful, yet often badly formed, viewpoint on what they think is right. Usually represented by small, bald lawyer types that vent their sexual frustrations via internet discussion boards.
"so was that an apology then?"
"No, you are clearly more stupid than I because I am right and you are an idiot because I know best. look at me I think I am king of a chat forum as I can't get respect in the real world"
"Ideological bigot"
by J ailboy February 05, 2008
An ideologue with a high capacity for spite and prejudice. They are known to idealize one or more of the demographic groups they belong to, while demonizing those who do not. This abuse may also extend to non-believers in their ideology.

Justifiably, ideological bigots are hated the most by their own demographic... I mean, who wants an ideological bigot dragging them down?
I can't be an ideological bigot! Bigotry is bad, and feminist literature proves that lgbt folk are incapable of such! How could a single utterance of "kill all cis-scum" be enough to tarnish my good record of wanting different genitalia?
by Raxle Berne April 21, 2016
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