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The inability to stop ideas from exiting one's mouth the second they enter one's head.
professor - "So the position of each word in the string carries meaning. It's kind of like... did anyone ever diagram sentences in English class?"

random student - "That reminds me! I've always wanted to learn shorthand. Does anyone know a good book about learning shorthand?"

students trying to learn - "Another class derailed by explosive idearrhea."
by organizer1 December 01, 2008
A condition resulting in the excessive and unstoppable flow of ideas, usually in regards to being a student in a Masters of Architecture program and being struck by inspiration.
David jumped excitedly from his chair exclaming "wow, I'm just vomiting ideas today!"
"Sounds like a case of explosive idearrhea to me!" said Collin.
by CMW October 08, 2003
When somebody has a bad or shitty idea, it is considered idearrhea.
That guy has nothing but bad ideas. Such idearrhea, I tell you.
by bluzebrother11 May 29, 2014
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