A person who likes to suck the pen0r.
Damn, she an Ida. He ugly as fuck too.
by ashley January 26, 2003
Top Definition
ida can be defined as strange or unwanted. However this can be seen as sexy to most guys and cause them to chase the ida
Dom: hey look at that stupid ida, ohh waaiit thats kinda sexy

Rest of gang: lets get her!!

-gang chases ida-
by gallymallyhally May 25, 2009
yeah, she might be short but she's not a bitch for sure!One of the most wonderful people I know. ida means the same as 'fabulous'
damn she's so cool! just like ida
by hahahahahahahahhaha September 12, 2006
Short for "I would have".
I'da kissed ya homie if you did it fo me.
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
Often associated with the word 'cool.' A person who is so uber mega hardcore amazing that you have to step back and just go "Whoa!"

Oh my heck, its IDA!! She's so amazing!! Whoa!


Those shoes are so IDA!! I'll have to get me a pair.
by someonenamedsouza November 27, 2006
a short form of the german phrase "Ich dich auch".
It means Me too and is often used after someone said

I love you to a friend.
"Ich liebe dich!"

by sopheifollowsrivers February 13, 2013
IDA: Internet Display of Affection

When two people comment back and forth about how much they love each other or what naughty innuendos they want to do to each other, using an internet based media viewed by a public audience (i.e. Facebook, Myspace, etc.).
Did you see what those two wrote to each other? It was some serious IDA.
by Summertime2010 April 06, 2010
Initial D Arcade Stage - An arcade game modeled after the ever popular anime series. Sometimes reffered to as 'pirate ship racing', IDAS features a poor physics engine in an attempt to allow players a chance to simulate such drifts as seen in the anime series.
Me: "Hey guys, let's go to the arcade to play some IDAS!"
by DarkKnight84 September 30, 2004

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