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A uniquely American drink that apparently tea drinkers outside the US just don't get. Both refreshing and caffeinated, but be careful what you order -- Southerners like it really, really sweet.
Ah, iced tea. My wirewater of choice.
by Brian X October 14, 2006
68 30
in some countries, it is sweetened (delicious!)

in other countries it is unsweetened (still ok!)
wow i just had some Nestea iced tea and it was SOOO GOOD!
by Stefan Rubel January 14, 2008
26 16
n. A drink that Brits find insulting to real tea drinkers. Personally, I enjoy both, but British style a bit moreso.
What the bloody hell are you drinking, Luke? Is that an *gasp* Iced tea?! Ah, now I have to fuck you up, old chap.
by Elbowwalker September 25, 2005
42 33
The only thing better than sex
by Zailin June 16, 2010
18 11
A form of diarrhea that is the consistancy of Iced Tea. No chunks and lighter in color. This occurance usually sounds like you're peeing from the butthole.
Wow, Karen made some fresh Iced Tea in the bowl earlier.
by Sharts August 31, 2007
55 49
n. Liquid Crack.
Best enhanced with two Sweet N' Lows and one Equal, artificial sweeteners.
Jake: It's pointless, really- working at an office I mean. There's paperwork, paperwork FOR the paperwork, arbitrary spread sheets, surface level conversations, fluorescent lighting....

Waitress: Do you guys want some more Iced Tea?

Dylan: Yeah

Jake: Sure

Ryan: mmya'
by Office-Drone GX37 July 10, 2008
18 15
A state of being tea bagged followed by ice being put into your ass.
Dude - "Why did you put your balls on his forehead and then ice in his asshole?"

Dude 2 - "Dude, I gave him an Iced Tea."
by Chilled Nuts June 18, 2011
6 4