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the incorrect way to spell icarly which is a show staring miranda cosgrove from {Drake & Josh} which is a fairly good show it better that that fake ass {hanna montana} or {zoey 101} pepole it takes place in a loft that her brother spencer is raiseing carly in becuz there dad's in the navy. There are also two other pepole in the show one is sam a spunky out going tough girl with dirty blond hair another character is named freddy he lives right across the hall from carly. He has a strange and crazy mom who thinks something's always wrong with him,hopelessly has a crush on carly and despises sam because she always fights with him but they have a strange freindship. I think it would be soo hot if carly and sam just fucked each other on one webshow buy hey that's just me.
person 1:dude did you watch the new icalry
smart non dumbass person: It's spelled icarly dumbass
by ashley101 February 09, 2008
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