Knock off guitars that use the major brands (Gibson, Fender etc.) body types and sounds to appeal to an inferier audience of posers. Guitar generally used by shredders because they just distort out all of the beauty of sound and fill the gaps with large quantities of noise.

The true guitarists who have superier sound and feeling in their music wouldn't touch the inferier brand.
Ozzy Osbourn: "Hey Randy and Eric, what do you think of the Ibanez?"

Randy Rhodes: "OMFG Gibson Flying V!!!"

Eric Clapton: "Fender. End Of Story."

Ozzy: "Oh, well mff dunk ding well yea."

Randy and Eric: "what?"
by wateryoudoin August 21, 2009
a kick ass guitar!!! used by the GOD OF GUITAR SOLOS, HERMAN LI!!! of Dragonforce.
metal hater: ibanez guitars are ripoffs off fender and gibson.

me(mexican): thats y they made thier own. ibanez pwns fender. fender is overrated anyway. go listen to dragonforce u poser.

by MEXICAN METAL HEAD June 24, 2006
guitars that sound and look like shit...all the guitarest that play these hunks of shit just shred because they have no rythmn or ability to play a decent solo, and thats all the an Ibanez is cabable of doing...go buy a fucking Gibson or Fender, dont' be a tool and play a Ibanez.
Faliure Metal Head: Dude I just bought a Steve Vai Ibanez guitar!!! I SHRED!!! BLAHHAH

Me: You idiot, why did you pay all that money on that piece of shit when you could've bought a Fender Jaguar instead? And Steve Vai blows ass, go listen to Jimi Hendrix you douche.

Faliure Metal Head: Wahuahahuah??!!
by I Hate Metal & Ibanez's August 06, 2005

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