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6 definitions by 7-String

When two men (or women) are changing clothes in a locker room with their backs to eachother, and they bend over to pull down their pants at the same time by accident. This results in their asses touching eachother. Thus, a moon landing.
Brad and Billy are getting ready for football practice, and they both happen to pull down their pants at the same time.

Brad: "Woa dude! What the heck man?"
Billy: "What's wrong with you?"
Brad: "Your ass just touched mine!"
Billy: "Awe come on, you can't tell me this is your first moon landing."
Brad: "There's a name for it?"
by 7-String April 05, 2010
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This most energetic 80's rock band totally changed hair-metal. A true renaissance band since the Beatles.
This band won crowds with thier mixed blues/metal rifts and their "gangster"/"druggy" lyrics. A favorite would be "Dr. Feelgood"
Just to throw in my personal opinion, (which I hardly ever do) a favorite of mine is "Saints of Los Angeles".
Billy: "Dude, you goin' to that Motley Crue consert this weekend?"
Brad: "Of course, anybody who wouldn't is a total tool."
Billy: "Oh...uh.."
Brad: "What is it?"
Billy: "I uh..couldn't afford tickets this time..so I can't go."
Brad: "Hmph. Tool. Nah, just kiddin' buddy."
by 7-String February 15, 2010
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The most popular heavy metal band of their time (which still continues today).
These dudes totally killed it with their debut album "Kill 'em All" and has been rockin' it ever since. They totally changed heavy metal. Many bands of today have been obviously inspired by them, such as: Disturbed, Pillar, DragonForce (believe it or not, Metallica is in their Special Thanks section on their Inhuman Rampage album), Red, and Aftershock (my band, totally underground.)
Inducted into the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame after releasing their newest album, "Death Magnetic". This album made Platinum in the first two weeks of release.
Brad: "Hey, who do you think is the coolest metal band of all time?"
Billy: "Psssh, Metallica of course."
by 7-String February 15, 2010
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(n) A very nice late 80's rock band that really made it big with their song "18 And Life".
They have very enjoyable rifts and solos. Nothing beats their rebellious song "Youth Gone Wild".
Still listened to today mostly by people in their late 30's to early 40's. Also enjoyed by some teenagers.
Billy: "Dude, what are you listening to?"
Brad: "Skid Row."
Billy: "Heck yes, man."
by 7-String February 15, 2010
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(n)The sexiest guitar ever manufactured. Mostly played by speed-metal guitarists, such as DragonForce's Herman Li.
If you were to ever buy an Ibanez, don't be cheap. Go all out and buy yourself a 7-String.
Brad: "Dude! Check out my new Ibanez!"
Billy: "Woa man, that's gotta be the sexiest guitar I've ever seen!"
Brad: "I know, I walked in Guitar Center and nearly gizzed my pants when I saw it!"
by 7-String February 11, 2010
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(1. A nice thing that a guy and a girl do to express their feelings (or to just have some fun).

(2. A 70's rock band who really were a let down. They dress just like a total heavy metal hard band. The makeup, the steel, spiked armor and axe guitar, yet listen to them. "I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night" doesn't really sound like heavy metal to me.
(1. Billy:"Dude, my girlfriend touched my lips with hers!"

Brad:"Um...That's called a kiss, dude."

(2. Brad: "Man, have you ever seen the band Kiss?"

Billy: "Yea, what about em?"

Brad: "Well, look at em! Don't they look hard-ass?"

Billy: "Uh...they suck, man."

Brad: "Oh..."
by 7-String February 16, 2010
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