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The seemingly endless hordes of people moving and existing in different demographic groupings, while obviously sharing the definitive commonality and similar association which accompanies corporate/product affiliation. Somehow still presenting the dilusion of individualism, thus rendering the 'zoo like' qualities represented in the descriptive term: iZoo. Yet further presenting various comparative types of 'iUsers' such as iHippo's, iLion's, iTiger's, iBear's, iMonkey's, iGorilla's, iElephants, iWhales, iSeals and favorites in the iPetting iZoo: iDonkey's, iGoats, iBunnies and even iChickens in some places!
I (no pun there) couldn't help noticing the iZoo configuration on the bus today. The iDonkey's were as docile as ever and the iChimp's actually kept to themselves! Even though they still kept scratching their butt.
by Nefarious Aflatus January 18, 2008
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