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The longest running and most consistent survivor based online reality game series. Known for its hardcore and dedicated alumni as well as steadfast host who go above and beyond to continue advancing the series forward. With now 14 seasons under the series it is collectively known as the GO TO place for any ORGer looking prove themselves. Often referred to by its abbreviated name (iS) this series has become synonymous with success.
Have you applied yet for the new iS season? I hear its gonna blow the rest out of the water.

OMG iSurv1vor just cast me. I can't believe I finally get to play. It only took applying 12 times to finally get cast. I'm SO excited.

I see that you won in iS. Well if you can survive in iSurv1vor I know you will do well here. Welcome to the game.
by NexusCain April 07, 2010
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