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A succesfull troll by the Vegemite brand to rename its popular variety of yeast spread to 'iSnack 2.0'
Can you remember to pick up some more iSnack 2.0? Were just about out...
by DEEMLOR September 28, 2009
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The name that Kraft executives in Australia chose for the new vegemite, out of 48, 000 entries. The name occupies rare territory in its universal derision, managing to alienate both older consumers and tech-savvy youngsters, who find the name powerfully lame in its attempts to keep up with the zeitgeist.
Peggy: Did you hear that the new vegemite is called iSnack 2.0?

Sam: lol. More like iFail 2.0
by Sybil Vane September 28, 2009
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