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The short, curt, unfufilling SMS reply received from an iPhone user in response to a more heartfelt email or message sent to them. Indicative of modern times. Typically mastered by persons who now communicate exclusively through, by, and for the iPhone.
example 1.

Sender: "Hey, so thanks for all of your support helping me with paying for college. It really means a lot to me. My cat is doing well after the $4200 surgery. It looks like the flood in my apartment isn't going to cost me anything. Cool that gay marriage is winning the fight. Anyway, I hope you and the wife and kids are doing well and I'll see you soon. Keep in touch! Love, Bill."

iResponce from iPhone user: "great. thanx"

example 2:

Sender: "Hey, I hope you're enjoying your vacation in New Mexico. While you're there you really gotta check out Chaco Canyon and the ruins at Gila. They are these super cool ancient ruins I learned about in my archeology class in Junior College. I think you'll really like them. Anyway, let me know how your vacation is going and what you think of the ruins if you go. Hopefully you'll be able to find a job when you get back and I hope you're not spending all of your unemployment money on whiskey. See you soon! Love, Bill"

iResponce from iPhone user: "did both."

example 3:

Sender: "Jerry? This is Bill. Your dog was hit by a car this morning. I have tried to call you but you are not answering your phone. I'm so sorry. Call ASAP!. Bill."

iResponce from iPhone user: "cool thanx."
by nbcrazy August 06, 2010
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