An older, much less sanitory version of the iPad.
Jenny: I love my new iPad.
Martha: Yeah it is pretty sweet... my iRag gets pretty friggan' nasty about this time of the month.
by steverenio April 07, 2010
Top Definition
A period of time that apple users suffer for (which causes misery to others in proximity) that compels them to either rant about how good Mac products are, or how bad Windows products are.

People on their iRag often display symptoms of emoism, retardation, and generally poor logic.

Often the iRag can be guarded against by shoving an iPad in the perpetrator's mouth, or other body orifice.

Eventually the iPad will be largely replaced by the iPon as a popular means of coping with an irritable iRag.
1) Steer clear of Steve, his on his iRag again.

2) The bitch was on her iRag, so I shut her up with an iPad.

3) OMG Macs are far superior to Windows PCs, they don't get viruses! I wish I was a Mac, so I didn't have to deal with these burny herpes :(
by Shankm February 17, 2010
A trendy, Web 2.0, Apple-approved way of describing a woman's period. Also see iPad.
"I would masturbate, but I'm on my iRag atm. I don't want to get everything all messy"
by w0lfie January 28, 2010
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