A piece of shit Mp3 player that is awesome for the first year and then after that everything on it starts to fuck up on it.
"Don't buy an ipod because you will end up spending a shit load of money on repairs, covers, songs, batteries,etc."
by fuck apple ipods December 08, 2006
1. An MP3 player produced by Apple Computer, Inc. Its nice features include its small size, easy-to-use interface, clickwheel (bar none the best navigation system to date), syncing with iTunes, iTunes itself, polished looks.

2. An MP3 player that is constantly ripped on by people because:

a) It's popular. These are the same people who stop listening to artists because they've "sold out". Shut the hell up.
b) They don't have one, or can't afford them. This is understandable, as they can cost a lot. Buying a second-rate player like a SanDisk, iRiver, Rio for cheaper will end up hurting more than having patience and saving up for an iPod.
c) Sometimes things go wrong with them. This is called 100% of products on the market. Seriously, you expect iTunes, a software made by a company that designs all its own hardware and software, to work on a PC with all of it's mixed-and-matched components, drivers, and parts. Puh-lease. Also, there's a simple reason why more people have problems with their iPods than people do with other players: Because more people have iPods! Duh!
d) They don't come built in with features like an FM tuner, Ogg Vorbis playback, or compatibility with Napster/WMP/etc. Listen, you don't buy a toaster and expect it jerk you off, why complain about something like this. The features that other companies put into their machines to try and excel over the iPod are so trivial and pointless, that it is easy to see why Apple left them off. Have Ogg Vorbis files? Convert them. It's a sucky format. Use Napster? Switch to iTunes, where you actually get to keep your freaking music! If you really think that other players like iRivers and Zens are making up for their huge size, clumsy interfaces, and second-rate software integration, with a goddamn FM tuner and streaming radio, then fine. Just make sure to tell your nurse at the asylum to add a little cyanide to your pudding, you fucking idiot.

Oh yeah. To the guy that said that iTMS was hurting the music industry, take a look at illegal downloading services. Those are what take money out of the artists' pockets. And iTMS is the reason the music industry is thriving. Do you not realize how many more people are purchasing music now that it is immediately available from their computer?

My only regret is that there is no level of logic, facts, or evidence that can counteract the supreme level of stupidity in the people that have defined this word before me.
1. "How do you use the Click Wheel?"
"Spin it around."
*Head explodes in simplicity*

2. "Dude, the iPod sucks, I mean, everybody has one. And, my iRiver can summon Croatian midgets from the dead. Too bad it's fucking impossible to sync and navigate my music, but oh well, I guess little people are cool too."
by Jared Burns February 11, 2006
Small device which can hold (depending on the model) up to 10,000 songs. Most likely owned by 50% of high school students. It is the most popular mp3 player. In fact, if you're looking up the meaning to the word "ipod" in this dictionary, you probably live on an un-inhabited island. That, or you yourself just too poor to buy one, and are making yourself feel better by reading hate definitions, posted by OTHER poor/cheap people.
Bob: Is that an ipod?
Bob: That's completely mainstream, man. I can't believe you even wanna be SEEN with that piece of shit.
Joe:Can't afford one?
by Deana June 02, 2005
ipods are not that bad. they are easy to use and the itunes jukebox is extremely user friendly. they are pretty expensive and the headphones suck but there are pros and cons to everything. i havent had one problem with my ipod and im on windows. and not everyone buys a 10000 song ipod and puts 50 songs on it or wears the stupid white headphones even though there are rich kids who buy them as a status enhancer. also, i ahvent had one problem with mine and im on windows. i have never used a creative or iriver, and im thinking that alot of these people who say their mp3 players are better have never used an ipod, so i dont have anything to compare with but i really like my ipod.
i can tell you right now that ipods suck even though i have never touched one.
by theyrenotthatbad September 05, 2005
A small, portable device created by Apple that stores a large amount of MP3 files and can also be used to store other files. Well, that's what it used to be. Around Fall of 2004, they became THE must have fashion item. Now it's just carried around by everyone and has maybe 20-50 songs on a 60 GB model. Also, people complain about technical difficulties, because they're using it with a Windows computer. WHOOPS.
Random Hipster: Wow, you have an iPod?
Me: Yeah.
Random Hipster: Wow, me too! What kind?
Me: 15 GB model.
Random Hipster: Wow, I have a 60 GB model! How many songs do you have? I have 46!
Me: Mine ran out of space. I have 2934 songs.(True.)
Random Hipster: Dude, there aren't even that many songs in the world :(
by The 15GB veteran. July 27, 2005
Apple's market-leading music player, offering huge quantities of storage with an incredibly intuitive and simple interface and a sleek design.

See iPod 4G
I have an iPod. Need I say more?
by Carlos Net August 14, 2004
Gangster device of music enhancing sound playing thing for music loving peepl
My I pod is so gangster it makes my ears hurt with off the chain beats
by ipod 4 eva December 03, 2006
an mp3 play from apple which is a rip off compared to all the other competition. it boasts a lower battery life and less quality of sound. it is also now becoming a symbol of the chav culture (epec the new mini ipod)
the mp4/aac formats it uses alienate it from any other digital music players around!
hey! look at my ipod doesnt it look nice, and fashionable, shame after a year the batteries bust, the screens frozen and i cant use it!
by cha_h8r February 23, 2005
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