An overpriced piece of shit made by Apple. Known for being slow as fuck, blurry ass camera, screens shattering, for having really little RAM, a buggy OS, and broken touch screens in a month.
Faggot: Hey I got an iPod Touch!
Me: Fuck that piece of shit, I have a Google Nexus 7 with Android 4.1 bitch!
Faggot: *goes and cries*
by Rangahatimamangoyumterumgai August 18, 2012
Top Definition
The newest AND most recently released iPod (As of 09/17/2007). iPod is taken to the next generation... of the current generation. Similar to an Apple iPhone, it has a touchscreen iPod (of its center of attention). Its other features included are maps, Safari (web browser), YouTube, and a few more. It's highly similar to the iPhone, but does not include PHONE-related features.
That iPod Touch is so cool! It's like I have an iPhone, but I can't talk to people with it! Just what I needed!
by DunKSme September 17, 2007
The iPhone, without the Phone
I was scammed on ebay. I seriuosly thought the iPod Touch was an iPhone
by SoMePeRs0n/guy, November 21, 2007
(noun) a decent music player that usualy used for it internet pornagraphy capabilities among teenagers
Bill: "Hey dude, i got grounded for being caught watchin porn on my PC"
Bob: "that sux i just watch porn on my ipod touch and not get caught."
Bill: "fuck you"
by smokey-mcpot February 03, 2009
totally kick ass ipod with a touch screen.
wayyy cooler than you will ever be. a reason to get jealous at people who have them.
internet access.
comes in 8gb, 16 gb, and 32 gb.
i think.
someone told me that apple lowered the price of the 8gb by 50 bucks a week after i got mine.
i got pissed, but that's life right?
8 gb is good enough,
you sould buy one, for sher.
kyle: omamagawshherzzz! i just got a creative zune!!!!!!111
me: i got the ipod touch.
by Kara-face April 17, 2008
A device capable of being an arrogant piece of shit with a mind of it's own while also being able to be the coolest ipod yet.
Jimmy: "Hey, my Ipod Touch has a mind of it's own. It's a bitch.''
Elliott: ''What do you mean?"
Jimmy: "Well, the other day, the internet kept turning on and off so I threw it and it started working again, but i still love it''.
Elliott: "Cool now i want one".
Jimmy: don't throw it too hard, or i guess we will have to call it Ifucked.""
by daddydoctor123 July 28, 2009
A super skinny iPod that can slip between the cracks in a couch, causing it to be lost for hours. This may cause people to flip the fuck out, literally cry like real liquid tears, and break lamps. If the girlfriend is the reason it got lost, it may result in both parties getting negative ass.
iPod touch owner: "dude i have to move the couch to find my iPod"
House owner: "alright, move the couch right into the fucking glass table!@!#$^&*"

iPod Touch owner: Wah wah wah!!!!!

Everyone else in the house: "Hhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaha"
by Chorg October 18, 2009
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