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A person that believe iPods are the best mp3 player ever, to an extent of being fanatical and Nazi-like.

An iPod Nazi often criticize those people who use any kind of mp3 player except and iPods, no matter if their mp3 player is better or worse then their iPod.
God forbid an iPod Nazi catches you using a fake iPod, they will have a severe case of Verbal Diarrhea while criticizing you.
by FADM_Notbob November 30, 2008
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someone who hogs the iPod, not allowing anyone else to choose the music playing.
"Man! I don't want to listen to any more Zeppelin! Stop being such an iPod Nazi!"
by jekyll&hyde April 10, 2009
A higher authority or peer who unquestionably confiscates one's iPod when sighted.
Frank: Jimmy omg let me listen to your ipod *snatch*

Jimmy: ...But...


Jimmy: No actually I do-

Frank: Aw Man. You don't. That's lame. Well I'm gunna listen to your iPod and drain your battery, kay?

Jimmy: Gah WHATEVER. God dang iPod Nazi...
by Tacosaurus Rex September 20, 2010

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