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An iPhony is an individual who attempts to pass off an iPod Touch as an iPhone.
iPhony's will often use their iPod Touch as a way to enter an iPosse, however, these iPhony's are easily distinguished.
by MickSwaggger March 28, 2009
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A person who act like they are hip because they bought themselves an iPhone.
Jerry was really impressed with how many people wanted to fondle his iPhone, but the IT guys knew he was just an iPhony.
by Jett Whitworth December 18, 2007
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The new iPod that looks very, very similar to the iPhone, and costs nearly as much, but doesn't do anything new or particularly interesting
Bill: "Whoa, Ted! Is that one of the awesome new iPhones?"
Ted: "No, Bill, it's the new iPod."
Bill: " But it totally looks like an iPhone..."
Ted: "Sorry, dude, but it's an iPhony."
Bill: "Bogus."
by dominicras September 05, 2007
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an "interim" phone that will get you by until your can afford an iPhone, or the until the iPhone is available in your region.
"Steve, that old iPhony is a piece of junk! It doesn't even have a camera, why don't you upgrade man?"

"I know... I am just using this 'til I can afford an iPhone"
by Bulge August 27, 2007
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