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Your Internet Penis. Its size can increase or decrease depending on how ePopular you are.
I got a GeForce 6800 Ultra, bitches!
Oh, your iPenis is so huge now. And you're going to be so ePopular once everybody reads this post....
by Ivan Boy August 17, 2004
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1. A person using an ipod as a 'status symbol' or falsely believing they are better than others because they were thick enough to pay $300 more than they had to on an MP3 player that breaks down three times as often.

2. Also when people use their ipods to compensate for their lack of genitalia.

3.) Using an ipod as a dildo because you love the damn thing so much and you spent your dildo money on the waste of space MP3.
1. Greg was acting like such an ipenis, he was headbanging on the bus and his fucking ipod headphones were unplugged.

2. Person 1: I don't have a dick, so I compensate by showing off my ipenis wherever I go.
Person 2: *repeatedly beats ipod into a small metal and plastic mess with a mallet=
Person: I am no longer a man D':

3. Mary stuffed her ipenis up her pussy. Possibly the best use for an ipod I've heard so far. Apple should make the next overpriced model have a vibrate function.
by Muchi December 10, 2005
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