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The slowest loader in all of combat arms and a.v.a. he is known as one of the best snipers on ca and ava. He constantly pwns noobs and pros and hackers and BBRs with his mg36 on ca as well as his ump45 on ava. his favorite maps on ava is chromite and deathroom on combat arms. he is a pwnage player and everyone hackusates him. He keeps a 2.5 to 4.0 kdr in every signle game he plays. He is known as a chill guy and is canadian and eats bacon and watches hockey and soccer. he is currently working on a montage coming out soon called TIME TO PWN NOOBS montage. He has the trailer on youtube.
paco: dude u hacker
iGoku4pwn: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL sit nub kid


iGoku4pwn: SUPERSEYAN 27000000 !!!

roflkitty: i love u!
iGoku4pwn: EH!!!
by tuition July 03, 2010
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