A sense of euphoria and happiness after one removes their iPod from their pocket or its carrying case, cover, etc.
Nico had an iGasm when he slipped out his iPod from its case.
by Mr. Bosnia December 18, 2006
Top Definition
An orgasm induced from listening to songs on an iPod or other mp3 player.
I enjoyed that song so much it made me iGasm.
by kajsawilhelm January 17, 2006
The euphoric feeling you get after have just done something you think is really cool with your iPod, iPad, iPhone or other Apple device. Generally despite how boastful you are about your "accomplishment" most other people will think you are a loser....unless they own the same device of course.
Brian: Oh man...I just imported the New England Patriots schedule directly into my iPhone which synced via iCloud to my iPad and my iPod Touch.....I think I may have an iGasm.

Cindy: You are such a lame asshole...please go away
by BmanSmith December 06, 2011
A device (sextoy) which plugs into an ipod/mp3 player and vibrates in rhythm with the song you're playing.
"I was listening to my ipod last night with the iGasm plugged in... pardon the pun!"
by Dan_eire May 16, 2007
The convulsive state entered upon seeing a new Apple product for the first, second or third time (depending on the awesomeness of the product)
You: Wow...the new iPhone is out...
Me: OMFG! iGasm!


You: The new iPhone is pretty cool, huh?
Me: Totally! it's iGasmic!
by Calcard July 10, 2008
When you have such a great idea that you have an orgasm.
Dude, I just i had an igasm and I think we should go egg Jake's house.
by LafayetteofCannibisia May 10, 2009
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