A fart that was thought by the delter to be silent but deadly but actually quite loud while they were listening to an ipod.
Did you hear jodies Ifart that could of broke a window
by elgeorgediablo July 08, 2009
Top Definition
When someone is listening to their iPod or any other media device and passes gas loudly but does not realize that it was not a silent fart. The high volume of the iPod confuses the body into thinking that nobody can hear your colonic cannon fire.
Rumble Grrrrr BOOM!
Friend: WHOA! What was that???
Me: I think that poor sap over there just iFarted.
by Brian123WVU June 27, 2006
Used to describe a computer-related glitch, usually involving an Apple-related product, such as an iPod, iPhone or computer.

Also applicable to those times, perhaps during a lull in a staff meeting, when several people have their laptops open and start pushing the Whoopee Cushion widget.
"Does your laptop iFart when you connect it to a projector?"
by EdnaNoCapes January 11, 2008
When you have your iPod playing loud and fart, hoping like hell it wasnt noisy because you have no control over what comes out.
Rachael thinks her shit dont stink, but I coped an iFart walking behind her at the park and believe me it does!
by nicmac August 13, 2008

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