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Originates from: Delteria

1. Delter is a slang-word that is used to describe an inconsiderate group of arrogants that is only concerned with their own selfish needs. Most commonly used to attack or insult a clique or group, delter has become a popular word in online and real-life situations. Unlike some other trademarked groups, a delter has no clear purpose in their reason of being together. This is usually because people in a delter have terrible team skills and are very unproductive.

2. In some scenarios, ‘delter’ or ‘deltering’ can also be used a verb. To delter is to explicitly cheat or abuse a given power. Common scenarios of this are in the workplace, where a newly appointed manager will abuse said powers to no extent.
'Ernest just deltered his management position to bust'.

'Look at that street delter, they're probably angsty teenagers'.

'When I want to grow up, I want to be in a delter'. - Confused Child, 2006
by OnlyMatthew January 15, 2007
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