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Apple's newest innovation that enables any skeivey stoner to smoke canibus, listen to their favorite music, and watch german inscest porn all at the same time. This device can also be converted into a sly little place to stash your favorite other drugs, despite the fact that it's already a bong...but who gives a fuck you can watch german porn....german inscest porn...
"Yo, I just bought an iBong last night, and the fucker crashed on me, I had to restart it, and by the time I got it running again I was flacid"

"I love my iBong, it's the greatest thing since the ipud"
#ipod #ipud #ibook #bong #hookah #bubbler #pipe #mp3 player
by Herbert Bonabanga January 18, 2006
Also know as the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. Above all else, the iBong is a DESTROYER OF WORLDS!!!
My chest feels like Star-gate; my world has been destroyed by the iBong, that fucker.
#ibong #fucked up #dead #dying #destroyed
by Adam n Eve April 07, 2011
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